Poggio Del Moro “NU” Chianti

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"In the American slang NU is used to replace the adjective “new”, NEW.
In French, NU means NUDE.
In Scandinavian languages NU is used to say NOW.
In Russian then, NU simply becomes GOOD…
These words are the compass that guided us for our new project which is called Chianti NU. The young essence of our Sangiovese: short maceration with daily delestage, 100% oak-free to maintain the purity of the fruit.
We relied on the simplicity of a NUDE wine without any sort of artifice.
A NEW wine that embodies the great quality of a handmade farm product, made “by hand” in the true sense of the word and from A to Z. But, at the same time, a wine that does not need special ceremonies or long waits in the cellar. A wine to be fully enjoyed NOW, a wine that simply makes us feel GOOD!"