Truffle & Honey 12oz - Sabatino Tartufi

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The perfect blend of premium-quality clover honey with the earthy taste of truffles for a balanced and complex truffle honey. Clover honey offers a subtler sweetness that allows the black truffles to shine. Honey includes black truffle shavings for a visual queue of truffles and enhanced flavor infusion. Use for charcuterie and cheese boards, glaze for poultry, topping for desserts, or mixed into specialty whiskey cocktails.

All-Natural, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free

Recommended uses: Use for charcuterie and cheese boards, glaze for meats, whisk into dressings, or mix into specialty cocktails. 

Ingredients: Honey, Dried Truffle, Truffle Flavors.

Size: 12 oz