Carmel Appellation Cabernet Sauvignon Judean Hills Israel

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The Carmel Appellation Cabernet Sauvignon, a prestigious offering from Israel's Carmel Winery, is a testament to the rich winemaking tradition initiated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882. With a 2019 vintage that reveals a rich purple hue, this wine entices with its aromas of blackberry, cassis, and a hint of eucalyptus. It boasts a robust body and a harmoniously balanced finish, making it an exemplary match for a variety of foods, including meaty dishes, hearty winter casseroles, and a selection of cheeses made from sheep or goat milk. Its Kosher for Passover certification further widens its appeal.

Originating from the Upper Galilee's esteemed vineyards, the wine benefits from a meticulous production process. It undergoes an initial fermentation and skin maceration phase, followed by a year-long aging period in French oak barrels. This is complemented by another year of bottle maturation to enhance its complexity and flavor profile.

As part of Carmel Winery's Appellation series, this Cabernet Sauvignon highlights the winery's dedication to showcasing the distinct character and quality of Israel's diverse terroirs. Renowned for its elegance and exceptional value, this wine presents a fruit-forward palate, enriched by a 12-month oak barrel aging process. This method not only accentuates the wine's varietal characteristics but also its unique regional identity.

Carmel Winery stands as a monumental figure in Israel's wine history, embodying the evolution of the country's wine industry. Opting for a bottle of Carmel Appellation Cabernet Sauvignon offers a glimpse into this enduring legacy and Israel's flourishing wine culture.