Cesarini Sforza Brut Metodo Classico Italy

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Crafted with precision in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy, the Cesarini Sforza Brut, Metodo Classico NV is a testament to the artistry of Italian winemaking. This exquisite 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine is born from the lush vineyards nestled in the Colline Avisiane, Valle di Cembra, and Valsugana areas. It embodies the perfect harmony of tradition and nature, undergoing meticulous aging on the lees for 24 months to achieve its remarkable complexity and depth.

In every glass, the wine reveals a brilliant gold hue, animated by a delicate, fine perlage that promises a sensory delight. The nose is greeted with an intense and inviting bouquet of citrus fruits and white flowers, interwoven with enchanting hints of cotton candy and freshly baked croissants, evoking the warmth of a sun-drenched Italian morning. On the palate, it unfolds with an exuberant and creamy texture, balanced by a vibrant acidity that injects a burst of freshness into each sip. This sparkling wine showcases a robust structure and a lingering finish, leaving an impression of elegance and finesse.

The Cesarini Sforza Brut is a celebration of the Chardonnay grape's versatility, beautifully capturing the essence of its terroir. It stands as an impeccable choice for any occasion, capable of elevating a simple gathering to a memorable event or complementing a fine dining experience with its sophisticated profile.