Menard Gaborit Ex Nihilo Loire Valley France

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This meticulously crafted cuvée is a harmonious blend of Nantes' finest grape varieties, echoing the crisp, dry elegance of Muscadet with a delightful twist. In its core, the Melon de Bourgogne and Folle Blanche grapes unite, presenting a vibrant, citrus-laden profile imbued with the crispness of green apple, the floral hints of orange blossom, and the zesty tang of lime. The addition of Sauvignon Blanc introduces a layer of aromatic richness, while a whisper of Muscat adds a unique complexity, creating a wine that is expressive yet refined. This lively blend is marked by its tight minerality and taut acidity, a testament to the careful selection from the vineyards of Nantes. It is a fresh, fruity white wine that boasts an extraordinary aromatic richness, making it a perfect companion for all of life's occasions. Its delicate balance of flavors is not intrusive but rather invitingly prominent, offering a fresh, tight-knit palate experience that is as complex as it is unique.